Action photography in it’s finest


HEY… HELLO! Welcome to this little piece of internet where there is more to be found about me as a person. My name is Dennis and i live in the Netherlands. I work full time in the Agriculture business as a Partsmanager and i have made my dayjob from my passion as a photographer of truck and tractorpulling events.

Sometimes the best things happen in the places you never thought it would happen.

39 Years old, not a small person, and apearantly not being able to run out of energy i provide my photography with full dedication and motivation to achieve the best out of it. This means that my photography doesn’t stop after taking my finger of the shutterbutton. Final tweaks of my photo’s are made afterwards in Photoshop and Lightroom in which i was able to finetune my trademark looks over the past 10 years.

Taking a good photo is 30% done by your camera, but the remaining 70% needs to be finalized in tweaking it via Photoshop or Lightroom

I hope i can get you motivated to pursue better results in your photography work and elevate your work to make it stand out from the masses.

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